Title:  /ləv/

/ləv/” is a short film which reflects different layers of being in love while creating a space which allows our main actor and muse Taylor Sele to open up and be vulnerable. We spoke to him about ego, jealousy, pride, energy, beauty and expectations. Being in love is not just a feeling for a moment, it’s a journey we go through and which goes through us.Filmed in Brooklyn, the short film breaks down the term of “love” while breaking into the masculine sentiment.

In a world where masculinity is defined by restrictions in allowing men and especially black men to be vulnerable, our main focus was to translate masculinity in a different way, a sensitive and emotional way, carried by strong, real and raw gestures. You can understand the film as a visual and emotional dictionary of how love looks in different expressions and gestures in its different states which we expose at the end of the film will add.