Cape Town


I was in Cape Town the last 11 days to photograph a beer commercial. The job was fun and the crew was great, such a pleasure to work with talented people! We fell in love with Cape Town, so we extended our stay and enjoyed the beautiful nature, light (!!!), food and people for a couple more days .

DenizAlaca_CapeTown_01 DenizAlacaCapePoint DenizAlaca_CapeTown_02 DenizAlaca_CapeTown_04 DenizAlaca_CapeTown_03 DenizAlaca_CapeTown_07 DenizAlaca_CapeTown_05 IMG_0182 DenizAlaca_CapeTown_08



Here’s a tiny selection of the pictures I took at my friends wedding in August. It started with a beautiful church ceremony and ended with a huge party (won’t show these pictures :)) happy lovelovelove J&P ♥

DenizAlaca_Wedding_01 DenizAlaca_Wedding_02 Kopie DenizAlaca_Wedding_03 DenizAlaca_Wedding_04 Kopie DenizAlaca_Wedding_05



Honestly, Sardinia is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. My last week was full of girls talk (I love you Estercita), Pizza, Pasta, Cappuccino, lovely people, sunshine and incredibly beautiful beaches. I tried to put away the Iphone and camera and just enjoy this trip but I just couldn’t stop taking pictures. Can we please go back now?!

IMG_4700 DenizAlaca_Sardegna01 IMG_4610 DenizAlaca_Saregna_03 IMG_4764 DenizAlaca_Sardegna_02 DenizAlaca_IMG_4176 IMG_4602



I took pictures of Marijana yesterday and I’m so happy how they turned out. We didn’t have any preparation, no pressure, just an easy & sunny sunday afternoon. More to come.

IMG_2399 IMG_3363 IMG_2415 IMG_3610