Jelena is back in NYC


My hometown girl moved back to New York. That was reason enough to do a 30 minute photo session at her place in Chelsea. Welcome back to New York Jele <3

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Women’s March NYC


Never experienced something like this before. So much love and respect to all the people  around the world who marched for women’s rights / human rights.

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Diana Veras


Diana Veras represents a whole new era of models. I love the way she promotes body positivity and racial diversity. So I was pretty stoked that we met in NYC last month and did a quick test in my neighborhood.

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Oh México. Who knew I would fall so hard for you. I didn’t have any expectations when we booked our flights, just pure anticipation to spend 4 weeks with my best friend. We started our trip in México City and fell in love with dreamy Tepoztlán, stayed in the most amazing place in Oaxaca/Puerto Escondido. Lived in the magical Bahidora bubble for 2 days, where we also shot a fashion (festival) editorial. We returned to México City where I fell even harder for the city. Spent our last week in Tulum enjoying midday drinks and fish tacos in masses. México, I’ll be back next year for sure and I hope to see you there too!

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